Commit 44f7d1d2 authored by Martino Bertoni's avatar Martino Bertoni 🌋
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using almost equal in all unittests

parent f10ddc71
...@@ -120,5 +120,5 @@ class TestSignaturizer(unittest.TestCase): ...@@ -120,5 +120,5 @@ class TestSignaturizer(unittest.TestCase):
res_all = module.predict(self.test_smiles) res_all = module.predict(self.test_smiles)
for idx, smile in enumerate(self.test_smiles): for idx, smile in enumerate(self.test_smiles):
res_single = module.predict([smile]) res_single = module.predict([smile])
self.assertTrue( np.testing.assert_almost_equal(res_all.signature[idx],
all(res_all.signature[idx] == res_single.signature[0])) res_single.signature[0])
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