Commit 12af179a authored by Martino Bertoni's avatar Martino Bertoni 🌋
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fixed GLOBAL model loading

parent 09ef7e48
......@@ -59,7 +59,12 @@ class Signaturizer(object):
self.model_names = [model_name]
self.model_names = model_name
if model_name == ['GLOBAL']:
self.model_names = [y + x for y in 'ABCDE' for x in '12345']
if 'GLOBAL' in model_name:
raise Exception('"GLOBAL" model can only be used alone.')
self.model_names = model_name
# load modules as layer to compose a new model
main_input = Input(shape=(2048,), dtype=tf.float32, name='main_input')
sign_output = list()
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