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SNN redict: first scale then trim

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......@@ -869,21 +869,24 @@ class SiameseTriplets(object):
split(str): which split to predict.
batch_size(int): batch size for prediction.
# apply input scaling
if hasattr(self, 'scaler'):
scaled = self.scaler.transform(x_matrix)
scaled = x_matrix
# apply trimming of input matrix
if self.trim_mask is not None:
trimmed = x_matrix[:, np.repeat(self.trim_mask, 128)]
trimmed = scaled[:, np.repeat(self.trim_mask, 128)]
trimmed = x_matrix
trimmed = scaled
# load model if not alredy there
if self.model is None:
self.build_model((trimmed.shape[1],), load=True, cp=cp)
# apply input scaling
if hasattr(self, 'scaler'):
scaled = self.scaler.transform(trimmed)
scaled = trimmed
# get rid of NaNs
no_nans = np.nan_to_num(scaled)
no_nans = np.nan_to_num(trimmed)
# get default dropout function
if dropout_fn is None:
return self.transformer.predict(no_nans)
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