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admin cc scripts

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......@@ -12,6 +12,32 @@ import h5py
#VERSION= "2020_02"
from get_repo_version import cc_repo_version
def remove_backups(cc_repo):
Removes the previous signx_BACKUP.h5 so that the next function can generate them
DANGEROUS script! Be careful.
for molset in ('full','reference'):
for space in "ABCDE":
for num in "12345":
for sign in signatures:
signature= 'sign'+sign
data_code= space+num+'.001'
fichero= os.path.join(cc_repo,molset,space,space+num, data_code, signature, signature+'_BACKUP.h5')
if os.path.exists(fichero):
except Exception as e:
print("WARINING", e)
def add_metadata(cc_repo=None,signatures='0123', backup=True):
cc_repo: (str) path to a cc sign repo i.e /aloy/web_checker/package_cc/2020_02
......@@ -57,7 +83,7 @@ def add_metadata(cc_repo=None,signatures='0123', backup=True):
print("Adding metadata to", fichero)
dico= dict(cctype=signature, dataset_code=data_code, molset=molset)
with h5py.File(fichero,'a') as f:
with h5py.File(fichero,'r+') as f:
for k,v in dico.items():
if k not in f.attrs:
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