Commit c1c42dc5 authored by nsoler's avatar nsoler
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sign2_list in plot_subsample

parent 2dc18b84
......@@ -1493,7 +1493,7 @@ class sign3(BaseSignature, DataSignature):
fname = 'known_unknown_sampling.png'
plot_file = os.path.join(siamese.model_dir, fname)
plot_subsample(self, plot_file, self.sign2_coverage, traintest_file,
ds=self.dataset, sign2_list=sign2_list)
def save_sign0_matrix(self, sign0, destination, include_confidence=True,
......@@ -2381,7 +2381,7 @@ def subsample(tensor, sign_width=128,
def plot_subsample(sign, plot_file, sign2_coverage, traintest_file, ds='B1.001',
p_self=.1, p_only_self=0., limit=10000, max_ds=25):
p_self=.1, p_only_self=0., limit=10000, max_ds=25, sign2_list=None):
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import seaborn as sns
......@@ -2390,9 +2390,12 @@ def plot_subsample(sign, plot_file, sign2_coverage, traintest_file, ds='B1.001',
cc = ChemicalChecker()
# NICO sign2_list
sign2_ds_list = [s.dataset for s in sign2_list] if sign2_list is not None else list(cc.datasets_exemplary())
# get triplet generator
dataset_idx = np.argwhere(
np.isin(list(cc.datasets_exemplary()), ds)).flatten()
np.isin(sign2_ds_list, ds)).flatten()
trim_mask, p_nr_unknown, p_keep_unknown, p_nr_known, p_keep_known = \
subsampling_probs(sign2_coverage, dataset_idx)
trim_dataset_idx = np.argwhere(np.arange(len(trim_mask))[
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