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embeddings are coherent between reference and full in sign2

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......@@ -189,15 +189,21 @@ class sign2(BaseSignature, DataSignature):
nearest_neighbor_pred = sign2.predict_nearest_neighbor(
self.model_path, traintest_file)
extra_preditors['NearestNeighbor'] = nearest_neighbor_pred
ada.save_performances(adanet_path, sign2_plot, extra_preditors)
ada.save_performances(adanet_path, sign2_plot,
self.__log.debug('model saved to %s' % adanet_path)
self.update_status("Generating `full` molset")
cc_tmp = self.get_cc()
sign1_full = cc_tmp.get_signature('sign1', 'full', self.dataset)
sign2_full = cc_tmp.get_signature('sign2', 'full', self.dataset)
# we want agreement between reference and full
# so we overwrite the original embeddings using the predictor
sign1_ref = cc_tmp.get_signature('sign1', 'reference', self.dataset)
sign2_ref = cc_tmp.get_signature('sign2', 'reference', self.dataset)
if oos_predictor:
self.predict(sign1_full, sign2_full.data_path)
self.predict(sign1_ref, sign2_ref.data_path)
# finalize signature
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